SC⏀RE | 13.04.18

An exhibition looking at what happens when painting and intermedia students decide to limit themselves to £20 each? What can they create?

Interdisciplinary is where its AT. We're not painting or intermedia, we're just pals using a SCORE to make work.

Work by Jordan Kerr, Rosa Moxham, Keelin Robinson, Molly Lambert, Sian Duncan, Tyler Blair, Leanne Dewar, Caroline Squid.

All materials bought before the birth of this project have been estimated and deducted from our SCORE.

Receipts of any materials bought specifically FOR this project will be on display.

Found objects are A-OK and will not be factored into our costs. The point isn't the VALUE of the work but the COST of creation.

There are no rules with regards to concept. The concept is: What can you do with £20 in the art world?